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Revitalization, Renewal & Rebirth

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Stay tuned for our next Virtual Training Week.

In the Anishinaabe World, there are four seasons. Each season begins on the 21st day of March (Spring), June (Summer), September (Fall) and December (Winter). 

In Our Way, at the turn of each Season, it is time to celebrate and give thanks for all of the Gifts provided through Mother Earth, Shkaa Gaming Ekwe. This is often done through Ceremony, such as a Sunrise Ceremony, Sacred Fire, Smoking of the Pipe and Sacred Song.

The Spring Solstice, Zigwan, is the time when Shkaa Gaming Ekwe and all her Gifts are replenished, renewed and all is awakened.

Human beings and all other life forms, the land, water, and elements have been replenished. 

When Zigwan is celebrated, it often reveres Women, Birthing, and marks the beginning of the planting season.

Spring is a time for us to grow and become whole, and an opportunity for us to grow together.

~Elder Marlene Pierre, Fort William First Nation

Spring Cleaning has been a common tradition across many Cultures, but it’s not only our homes and items that need to be taken care of regularly. Spring is a time of new growth, of warmth and rain and sun, and we need to grow as well. We need to tend to our relationships, our skills, and our Spirits. 

Come join us for our Spring Equinox Virtual Training Week! 

Visit and chat (virtually!) with our Nokiiwin communities, and learn together as we head towards a new time of growth.

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