March 21, 2021 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Presented by Rik Leaf, Creative Director, Tribe of One

Creative Capital describes the talents, abilities, education and experience that each individual brings to the table. Our Sunday session will explore some exciting real life examples of creative ‘out of the box‘ thinking that became game-changing moments for the individuals and organizations involved. These stories are certain to inspire you to value your creativity to a greater degree than ever before.


About the Presenter

Rik Leaf is known across Canada as a leader in Creative Development Mentorships that build creative capacity in communities. His programs allow individuals to DISCOVER their strengths, DEVELOP their skill set and BUILD the CONFIDENCE they need to succeed.

Rik is the Creative Director for the national arts collective, Tribe of One, who specialize in presentations that combine First Nations, Metis, French/English & settler cultures through modern forms of artistic expression. He’s spent 20 years working with high-performing creative teams producing CDs, TV shows, short films, a travel series, podcasts, Indigenous theatre presentations and as a published author.

Bookings are closed for this session.

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